Imperial Hero II: now in Russia

Imperial Hero II: now in Russia
Sept. 19, 2017, 3:52 p.m.

Imperial Hero II: now in Russia

Destiny.Games and Imperia Online are pleased to announce that Imperial Hero II, a popular browser game, is now available in Russia and CIS countries. The joint launch of the Russian version was carried out on September, 11, and since then, has been conquering the hearts of traditional browser games fans.

Players will plunge into the wondrous and amazing world of a medieval Ayarr Empire, torn by cruel wars and palace intrigues. In a vast fantasy world everyone is given complete freedom of action: to become a true hero with glorious deeds ahead, to walk a slippery path of a rogue, or rather prefer a way of peaceful trader.

Imperial Hero II has absorbed all the best the classic RPG games can offer. The development of a character corresponds to the spirit of hardcore games: the traditional distribution of characteristics, the choice of class and equipping - everything is left to the player's taste and forms the strengths and weaknesses of a character.

The Web-version is ready to accept the first heroes. Social and mobile versions of the game will be launched shortly.

Time has come to become a hero of an Ayarr Empire!